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Blond lad gets turned into slave during gay torture

Posted by on August 25, 2010 | Comments Off on Blond lad gets turned into slave during gay torture

Two sinful sex-loving fellows want to have some fun with a handsome blond lad and easily involve him into gay torture. This man is made to lie down onto the ground. Then both of sinful men spread handsome buddy’s legs and expose his asshole. They gag him, before filling asshole with a huge dildo fixed on the end of a drill and start working it like there’s no tomorrow. Naughty punishers are not fully satisfied with gay torture yet and long for bringing this submissive slave even stronger pain as soon as possible. A sudden idea of spanking completely naked miserable slave’s butt suits both of them. So, one of naughty and very horny lads begins spanking shocked slave’s butt and makes him give loud moans from time to time. Click here to see continuation.>>

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